Episode 9: The Mummy

This week, Andrew and Matt talk about the Boris Karloff 1932 horror classic The Mummy. Also starring Zita Johann, along with mainstays Edward Van Sloan and David Manners, The Mummy was directed by German director Karl Freund, he of Mad Love, Metropolis, and I Love Lucy fame.

Mummy guitar
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Zita Johann

Zita Johann

One of the most interesting actresses of the Universal 1930’s horror pictures, Zita Johann appeared in exactly one classic horror film: she played Helen Grosvenor, the reincarnation of Princess Anck-es-en-Amon in the Boris Karloff classic, The Mummy.

Although The Mummy can rightly be criticized for being a Egyptian re-skinning of Dracula, it has many virtues of it’s own, which I hope to explore in a later post specifically about the film. One of these virtues is Zita Johann, whose acting is above the curve in general for a movie set in the 1930’s, and also has the virtue of having the Princess save herself and her soul at the conclusion of the film, a significant departure from many of these films.

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