Episode 51 – The Dunwich Horror Picture Show (1970)

Event flyer for the Dunwich Horror Picture Show. Wilbur Whateley making occult gesture. Text reads "Don't dream of Yog Sothoth, be Yog Sothoth - the dunwich horror picture show"

Still humming with eldritch energy from the Necronomicon Providence, Andrew and Matt talk about their experience at the live showing of the Lovecraftesque adaptation of the DUNWICH HORROR.

Show Notes

The Dunwich Horror stars Dean Stockwell, Ed Begley and Sandra Dee and adapts the 1932 HP Lovecraft story of the same name. The full text of the story is available at HPLovecraft.com.

Andrew and Matt saw the film on a decaying 35mm print at the Necronomicon PVD (with live accompaniment!). If you’d like to experience the film in your own home there is an affordable DVD available.

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