Episode 39 – Nosferatu the Vampyre (1979)

Andrew and Matt discuss the Herzog art house interpretation of both the Stoker tale and the Murnau film.

Jonathan Harker journeys to Transylvania in order to sell a house in bucolic Wismer to a mysterious noblemen. Nightmare after nightmare follows.

Nosferatu the Vampyre came out in 1979 and was directed by Werner Herzog and stars Klaus Kinski. This is a famous pairing, explored by Herzog in My Best Fiend.

We watched the Shout Factory edition of Nosferatu the Vampyre, which, although light on special features, is a great transfer of the film.

Be warned – we are both enjoying a cup of Earl Grey, hot during this episode and there is the occasional tea slurping noise, as well as pug breathing noises throughout. That’s Frankie.

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On our most recent episode series, I played a Nosferatu. Give it a listen.

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