Episode 36 – The House on Haunted Hill

The House on Haunted Hill poster

The campy, compact classic really rubbed Andrew the wrong way. Can’t really say why.

This film was directed by William Castle, and stars Vincent Price as Frederick Loren and Carol Ohmart as Annabelle Loren

The blind caretaker, one of a series of red herrings built into the plot of the House on Haunted Hill, was Andrew’s favorite part. Andrew found the film’s 96% on Rotten Tomatoes to be absurd. For more of Andrew’s wildly unfounded opinions, please consult our podcast episode.

The IMDB page for House on Haunted Hill

The Wikipedia page for the House on Haunted Hill

I found this GIF here, on this double feature comparison of House on Haunted Hill and it’s 1999 remake.

Coming up on the Podcast

Our next episode will be the final film of our Vincent Price series. I am debating whether or not to watch House of Wax or Tomb of Ligeia.

We’re also working on the next year or so of episode ideas right now. We are going to be exploring foreign horror movies from before the 1980’s. Probably no Giallo or Zombie movies, because I think those deserve their own series.

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