Episode 51 – The Dunwich Horror Picture Show (1970)

Event flyer for the Dunwich Horror Picture Show. Wilbur Whateley making occult gesture. Text reads "Don't dream of Yog Sothoth, be Yog Sothoth - the dunwich horror picture show"

Still humming with eldritch energy from the Necronomicon Providence, Andrew and Matt talk about their experience at the live showing of the Lovecraftesque adaptation of the DUNWICH HORROR.

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Episode 49 – Horror Express (1972)

This month, Andrew and Matt tackle the Terry Savales vehicle HORROR EXPRESS. The vehicle? It’s a train.

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Episode 46 – Kill Hour of the Wolf Baby Kill

Hi! It’s been awhile. Technical difficulties have killed several recordings but here is a double episode featuring Andrew and Matt discussing Ingmar Bergman’s Hour of the Wolf and Mario Bava’s Kill Baby Kill.

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